Weekly Round-Up

It’s been a relatively slow week, but there were still a couple of fun little tidbits!

  • Gwendoline Christie confirms what we’ve all been hoping for: Phasma is coming back! (The Verge)
  • TFA knocks Frozen of the top spot in Japan! (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Yoda nearly properly cameod in The Force Awakens (The Independent)
  • Star Wars: Rebels continues to explore the Force (I09)
  • Bloodlines novel will follow Leia from Princess to General (Empire)

We also had some posts this week:

Our Fanart of the Week is just absolutely and utterly adorable and I knew I wanted to feature it the moment I saw it. It’s a stunning drawing of baby Rey by Madi Hodgens!

I thought it was just absolutely adorable and I love that Madi include her doll because that was one of my favourite details in The Force Awakens. It says so much about her! Find Madi and her artwork on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram!


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