Weekly Round-Up

As the hustle and bustle around TFA is truly slowing down now, we’re getting more and more news about the future of Star Wars:

  • NASA explains the science behind Star Wars planets (Business Insider)
  • The Sequel trilogy won’t be the last we’ll see of the Star Wars universe (Slash Film)
  • Will Darth Vader be more brutal in Rogue One? (The Independent)
  • Colin Trevorrow has loads of interesting plans for shooting EP IX (IGN)
  • The Force Awakens Blue-Rey (see what I did there) edition is coming to a store near you soon (Cinema Blend)
  • Someone please get Ewan McGregor back into a Star Wars film! (Digital Spy)

We had  a pretty interesting week here at Clone Corridor as well:

And now we come to it, our Fanart of the Week and this is one which immediately grabbed my attention. Feast your eyes on this stunning painting of Luke in The Force Awakens by Michael Pasquale, also known as ‘Gorilla’. Good news, you can buy this and other artwork as prints!

Here’s what Michael had to say about this painting:

“…not ready for the burden, were you.”

Here’s the full shot of an image that I just couldn’t get out of my head, the burden of Luke Skywalker. Not only did he banish himself to an island, he banished himself to a planet full of nothing BUT desolate islands! I just love how The Force Awakens left us with so many unanswered questions for our own imaginations to figure out; How’d he get there? What happened between him and Kylo? Who else did he teach? Is Rey his daughter? Episode VIII should prove to be another amazing addition to the Saga. All from scratch in Sketchbook Pro and painted in Photoshop. I know, went a little Todd McFarlane on that robe XD

Find him over on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!


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