Corridor Chat: Rey-centered ‘The Force Awakens’ TV Spot #1

Well, we’re really being spoiled are we? After months of drought, with not a single new shot or line from The Force Awakens the first trailer has been followed by an International Trailer, Character posters and now the first TV Spot of what could be many. If you want to go into the movie unspoiled definitely don’t look at the rest of this post and definitely don’t look at the video right below this line:

This TV spot gets straight to the point with a completely new shot, namely with the Millenium Falcon arriving at a mystery port which Thomas Storai suggested was Takodana, where Maz Katana’s Castle is. This is only the first of a number of new shots, the least exciting of which, believe this or not, is the Millenium Falcon bursting out of a snow-covered forest. We get to see Han in the snow, Rey do her best to beat someone up (does that look like Finn or is that just me?), Rey flying the Millenium Falcon (please let me be right  about this) and Rey seemingly firing a blaster at Kylo Ren. Yes, all of that and more in only 30 seconds. As you can see, this trailer is very Rey-heavy. She is definitely being set up as the character with whom the audience can perhaps most empathise. She’ll be the one taking a first step into a larger world in The Force Awakens.

Most interesting though, is the new piece of Maz Katana voice-over that we get,

‘I have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people.
I see your eyes.
I know your eyes.’

This voice-over plays as we see footage of Rey, Han Solo, Poe Dameron and Finn. Now, not all of these can be related although the voice-over very strongly suggests that whoever Maz Katana is talking to must be related to someone she has seen before. Could this confirm that Rey is a Solo?

Again, they manage to give us enough without showing us too much. I could definitely see how this might be too spoiler-ish for some but the plot outline is still a mystery, unless you read Making Star Wars. So, what do you think of this TV spot?

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