The Sequel Trilogy & the Twenty-Teens

A while ago I wrote a post that attempted to understand the contents of the original trilogy as a reflection of the real-world events in the late seventies and the early eighties of the last century. Similarly in a second post I tried to look back on the Prequel Trilogy as a reflection of the concurrent world events of the noughties of this century. Now that we are close to the brink of the start of the Sequel Trilogy it is risky but fun to ask ourselves what the current world events, and the way we might expect these events to unfold in the near future, could tell us about the Sequel Trilogy. The exciting thing of course is to try this before seeing Episode VII … so for whatever it is worth; let’s give it a shot. If this post turns out to contain any spoilers … then I am sorry but also terribly proud 🙂

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