What Comic-Con Gave Us: The Force Awakens Reel

Star Wars came to Comic-Con 2015 and it was great! There will be plenty of discussions all over the Internet about all the little clues etc. which can be taken from this real. So rather than doing that as well, I want to focus on how amazing this reel felt. Mark Hamill perhaps sums the spirit of it up the best.

‘Real sets. Practical effects. You’ve been here but you don’t know this story. Nothing’s changed really. I mean, everything’s changed but nothing’s changed.That’s the way you want it to be, really.’

More than anything, this reel felt like Star Wars. From what I’m seeing of these sets strikes me as incredibly similar to the Prequel and the Original sets. The sleek look of the First Order, the stunning sets with the green screens in the background, men and women in alien suits, robots, Storm Troopers, and above everything, the utter love and enthusiasm which everyone involved seem to have. I especially enjoyed seeing the process from sketches to miniatures to actual sets. The work which has gone into creating the Star Wars look is dedicated, loving and has been continuous from the Originals to the Prequels and now to the Sequels. Across the years, the same crews, technicians and artists have been involved and this reel proves that this craftsmanship and love really pays off.

As a major Prequel-fan I can’t quite help but be stung by each over-emphasis on “real sets” and on retaining the “original” feel. However, I don’t want to hammer on about this since I think that, more than anything, this is a publicity-thing. Disney knows about what people feel they ought to think about the Prequels and hence it is safe to go emphasize the OT heritage. Also, the Sequels lead on from the Originals so obviously those links need to be strong. But everyone who thinks these physical props and characters, like all the aliens and BB-8, won’t be touched up digitally are deluding themselves about the Originals and the upcoming Sequels.

The main thing that got me excited was seeing Carrie Fisher. She looked so regal and in control, which felt very reminiscent of her presence in the Original films. Equally the set she seems to be on looks very Rebellion-esque, which is everything I was hoping for. Seeing the sets and characters which we know from the Originals but are now filmed with and created by new technology with a massive budget is simply exciting. The few glimpses we get at potential movie shots with the Star Was music in the background was great because you those instances really show you the continuing themes and motifs throughout the six films, music and story-wise.


Ok, there is going to be a tiny bit of speculation here. The man being led into a cell by a Storm Trooper is, I believe, Oscar Isaac, a.k.a Poe Dameron. Is this how he meets Finn? Is it a mission he is sent on by Leia? There is also a quick glimpse of Kylo Ren exiting a ship but not enough to really get a good idea of what he is doing. Seeing Warwick Davis was also great, despite him being out of costume. Characters we still haven’t actually seen in motion are Maz Katana (Lupita N’Yongo), Domnhall Gleeson’s character and the Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis). Also, Luke Skylwaker’s look and storyline are still up in the air, although much is being guessed at. And who is Simon Pegg playing?

So many questions and none of the answers. I feel like we’re exactly where we should be. With less than half a year to go the plot is still pretty much under wraps and the excitement is only building. The Force Awakens is being accepted by all as Star Wars, with everyone feeling the passion and drive behind it. Star Wars has once again become a daily part of my life. As John Boyega says:

‘Star Wars is an important part of everyone’s history. It’s a beautiful thing to actually be involved in it.’

I wish it was December the 18th tomorrow!

One thought on “What Comic-Con Gave Us: The Force Awakens Reel

  1. Interesting that you saw a strong PT heritage in the settings in the clip. It’s fair advice that those of us who enjoy the prequels probably just need to remember this is indeed following the OT and marketing is simply playing their cards safely. I know I could improve, it’s just been a turbulent time getting back into Star Wars facing the prequel hate headon and dealing with the Legends shift-aside of the old Expanded Universe material I grew up with. Even so, I agree that these clips look promising.

    Seriously, what the heck is going on with Luke in this film? Give us some hints, Abrams.


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