Rebels Review: Twilight of the Apprentice

This will be a spoilerish review of the fantastic season 2 finale Twilight of the Apprentice. It has seen the end of beloved characters, brought severe consequences for other beloved characters and implications that will stretch far into Season 3 and beyond. The prequels have exploded onto the Rebels scene!

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Rebels Review #2.16: Shroud of Darkness

You may have noticed that we didn’t review Episode #2.16 so far. Shroud of Darkness is a remarkable episode with huge foreshadowing of tonight’s season 2 finale. I will review it now but with a look forward, speculating on what we will see tonight. A finale that may be the most profound Canon story since … Revenge of the Sith. Continue reading “Rebels Review #2.16: Shroud of Darkness”

Rebels Review #2.12-#2.13: Ezra & The Force

These two episodes contained a common thread. Even though they were each highlighting backstory elements of one of the Ghost crew’s characters they were also episodes in which Ezra was exposed to a larger universe of The Force beyond what he had seen. They were episodes which increasingly dealt with Ezra’s ability to lead and with the relationship between him and Kanan. The beautiful thing however was that these developments were kept somewhat in the background of what seemed to be stories about someone else. Continue reading “Rebels Review #2.12-#2.13: Ezra & The Force”

It’s time to say ‘Goodbye Prequel Era’

When I left the cinema on that May evening in 1983 after seeing Return of the Jedi for the 3rd time it somehow seemed clear: the Era of Star Wars was over. A tragic melancholy filled my mood as I didn’t want it to happen. When I entered the cinema on that May evening in 1999 to see The Phantom Menace I was happy I had said my  ‘goodbyes’ 16 years earlier … even when it had just been a ‘Goodbye Original Trilogy’ in the end.

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Guestpost: ‘”The Force Awakens” isn’t a Saga movie, it’s a Message’ by Andy Schroeder

Today we’ve got a really interesting guestpost for you guys in which  Andy Schroeder, an independent director who has a film coming out on VOD soon, gives an alternative view of The Force Awakens, mapping its plot onto the Star Wars fandom … Continue reading Guestpost: ‘”The Force Awakens” isn’t a Saga movie, it’s a Message’ by Andy Schroeder