Scene It? Luke in Dagobah’s Cave.

Yoda%20-%20Luke%20-%20DagobahAfter seeing Obi Wan’s Force-ghost on Hoth and following its advice Luke finds himself on Dagobah in the care of a strange wise Jedi Master. The true test of Luke’s nascent Jedi skills is when Yoda asks him to enter a dark cave to meet whatever he brings with him. Have the past 35 years shed any new light on this scene? Continue reading “Scene It? Luke in Dagobah’s Cave.”

Scene it?: Leia and THE Bikini

scene it 2In today’s Scene it? I am looking at a very contested story-line within The Return of the Jedi. Although I will be discussing the whole story arc, I will be focusing on the scene that brings it to an end. I am talking about ‘slave Leia’ and especially “the bikini”, which is one of the things that has been incredibly divisive within the Star Wars fandom

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