New Star Wars Trilogy Announced!


In a stunning unexpected revelation today Lucasfilms announces a new Star Wars Trilogy … by Rian Johnson!

witte13-CCThe internet is breaking down! Hold the presses! On the Star Wars dot com site Kathleen Kennedy today announced that Rian Johnson has a free-hand to write, direct and produce a new Star Wars trilogy. According tot he site this trilogy will visit new characters in yet unexplored corners of the Galaxy Far Far Away. It is set aside from the Skywalker Saga. A live-action TV-series is also on the cards for 2019!

What could it be?

It is early days but speculation online is already running high. Is this the Old Republic Trilogy so many hope for? I don’t think so. Rather it would seem to me that this new trilogy will perhaps not related to the Skywalker Saga, but that does not preclude that it cannot explore characters that have some affinity with either Sequel characters other than Kylo or with wider characters from the Star Wars universe.

It is fantastic news … even more so because Rian Johnson is connected and dedicated to it. This is a very good day for Star Wars! We’ll provide you with every interesting update we find!

Star Wars Show (Update 22h25 UK time)

30 Minutes ago the Star Wars Show broke the news as well …


or follow the ScreenJunkies live discussion here (Update 22h50):

Voices from the Press

For The Verge’s take on this story go here. The Guardian here also reports about the live-action TV series.


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