Weekly Round-Up

Aaaah do you feel that? It’s a new Star Wars trailer and the promise of more hanging in the air. I know that for me, at least, it has reinvigorated my excitement for The Last Jedi and we’ve got a range of post in the oven for you at the moment. But let’s get to it and see what else has been happening in Star Wars news this week!

  • Tag and Bink will make an appearance in the Han Solo movie! (Deadline)
  • An ‘immerse VR Star Wars experience’ is what I need (BGR)
  • ‘Snoke is Anakin’s father’ is the most offensive thing I have ever heard! (The Guardian)
  • Can we leave the Porgs and Ewoks alone please! (Den of Geek)
  • Forbes on Star Wars Battlefront II (Forbes)
  • Yesssss, please give me female Star Wars villains (Den of Geek)
  • Forces of Destiny is coming to a comic book near you! (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Max Landis isn’t allowed anywhere near Star Wars or Jar Jar (Screenrant)

And on Clone Corridor this week:

And now to what we really love: the Fanart of the Week! And I thought we’d go for something utterly adorable to lighten your day and give you something happy to go into the next week with!

And there’s also one with Chewie and Luke!

This lovely piece comes from Worth-three-portions with the following description:

Porgs! Porgs everywhere!

Or: The Resistance squad having fun with the space puffins ™ ❤

How heartwarming are they? I love that Star Wars allows for all kind of art: the dramatic, life-like, anime-style, the fun and the sad! Please hop over to their Tumblr for more Star Wars fanart (especially this brilliant Padme-Leia-Rey drawing)!

As always,


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