Ten Awesome SW Women’s Quotes for IWD!

It’s International Women’s Day today and if there is a better excuse to share some awesome quotes by some awesome Star Wars ladies, I don’t know it! Below are ten of my favourite quotes from various female characters in both the films and the TV shows. I tried to practice restraint and find something of a balance, at which I was arguably successful, as well as pick some less and some more well-known quotes. Do enjoy!

10 – Shmi Skywalker

TWEET - Shmi

9 – Satine Kryze

TWEET - Satine

8 – Maz Kanata


7 – Shaak Ti

TWEET - Shaak.png

6 – Hera Syndulla

TWEET - Hera.png

5 – Ahsoka Tano

TWEET - Ahsoka

4 – Princess/General Leia Organa

TWEET - Leia.png

3 – Rey


2 – Jyn Erso

TWEET - Jyn.png

1 – Padme Amidala

Tweet - Amidala

Of course there are many more awesome quotes, so please do let me know what your favourites are in the comments below!

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