Weekly Round-Up

It’s the Sunday before Star Wars Celebration and it’s about high time we do one of these posts again! News has been a little bit slow as everyone prepares for Celebration but there are still a few highlights here and there. Also, enjoy the above photos from the Ep VIII set, our cast is amazing!

  • Episode VIII is about to finish filming (BGR)
  • Discussing LGBT characters in Star Wars after Orlando (Advocate)
  • There was a Turkish Star Wars and it was brilliant (Gizmodo)
  • Daisy Ridley hides Rey’s hairstyle, what could it possible mean? (The Independent)
  • If S3 of Star Wars: Rebels had you missing Darth Vader, don’t worry (Forbes)
  • Can’t make it to SWCE? Check out the live stream (Nerdist)

Our posts the last few weeks:

Our Fanart of the Week is something quite different today, it’s an edit rather than a painting. I saw it on Tumblr and simply loved it so I thought I’d share the set of four edits. I’ve had to combine them into one graphic but when you visit Darylas’ tumblr you can find them separately! I absolutely love these edits, the way each character is combined with their home planets. To get really into it with my analysis, each character is in many ways defined by their planets. The harsh and lonely surroundings leave their marks on the lonely and resourceful Anakin and Luke, while Padme and Leia are both growing up in vibrant and political environments, making them the outspoken and strong women they are.
Fanart of the Week

Darylas added the line: ‘The Force is strong in my family‘ to this edit which I thought was beautiful. Also hop over to Darylas‘ other tumblr, dedicated to Star Wars, Ani and his Angel!

Would you like us to feature your fanart? Email me at juliwitte@clone-corridor.uk!


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