Episode VIII: Luke is filming in Dubrovnik

Just a little bit of news here that has reached us through our Bothan Network of informers. It does not contain any spoilers.

Star Wars @ Dubrovnik

Our sources tell us that Star Wars Episode VIII has commenced filming in the area around Dubrovnik in Croatia. The location is close to the locations also used in the recent GoT filming that has taken place there. Our sources report that tourists have had surprising run-ins with Luke Skywalker and that local residents have been signed up to a non-disclosure statement.

So Episode VIII filming seems at least as shrouded in mystery as the filming for The Force Awakens. If you have never visited this Croatian region you definitely should: one fo the prettiest places in Europe and high on the Unesco World Heritage sites list.

We expect our local sources to be receiving more news in the near future, so we will keep you posted. If you read Croation, check out this.

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