Weekly Round-Up


EP VIII has started filming!! And yeah, I think there’s also other news… let’s see what it is:

  • John Boyega got a BAFTA but still had to report on set at 6am (People)
  • He is also a tease about Stormpilot! (Radio Times)
  • A special someone came to Star Wars: Rebels (Io9)
  • Who’s joining the 2016 Star Wars Fan Film Awards? (The Verge)
  • Amazing couple has amazing Star Wars themes wedding (Metro)

This week we had another Scene It? post comparing a Prequel scene with a Sequel scene! I know, how dare we!

And now it’s time for our Fanart of the Week! It’s one of a kind, it’s orange and it’s important. Poe Dameron would never leave it behind so we should pay all the attention to it as well! I present to you this stunning drawing by Katarzyna Jaskiewicz!

prints, mugs, t-shirts, bags and phone cases available on Society6

Isn’t it just wonderful! I love the water-colourish effect of it and the vibrancy of the colour! Even better news, you can get this print on mugs, bags, everything over on Katarzyna’s Society6 page! Also find her work on her website, DeviantArt or Pinterest!


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