Weekly Round-Up

We’re officially past the one-month mark and The Force Awakens is almost upon us. Aside from that, Star Wars Rebels is bringing out one great episode after the other! What else has happened in Star Wars news?

  • Star Wars does merchandise like no other (Wall Street Journal)
  • Star Wars and China: a Reluctant love-story (Forbes)
  • With Lucas out, will the Academy give TFA some love? (The Atlantic)
  • Who be Constable Zuvio? (IGN)
  • So how is Battlefront doing? (The Daily Star)
  • Lawrence Kasdan on Star Wars and script-writing (Cinema Blend)
  • Star Wars hits Saturday Night Live (Bustle)

We had a quiet week here, with one interesting My Star Wars Moment:

This week we’ve done something different with our Fanart of the Week and have picked a fan video! We love fan videos, have even written a number of posts on them, and this is just an incredibly editing job! I give you the: Star Wars The Force Awakens  – EXTENDED Complete Saga Tribute Trailer by Erik Lee Justiniano, which he dedicated to Daniel Fleetwood and his wife.

  Erik has been a video editor since 2000 and yu can find him, of course, on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook!

So, that’s us done for the week! See you all bright and early tomorrow!


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