Daniel Fleetwood

Weekly Round-Up

It’s getting so ridiculously close to the release of The Force Awakens that I almost refuse to believe it. As amazing new TV clips keep blowing our minds, the hype for the film keeps building! So what’s been happening this week?

  • Daniel Fleetwood sadly died after having his wish granted and seeing The Force Awakens (Sky News)
  • Anna Kendrick was awesome in a Battlefront advert (Digg)
  • Disney’s Star Tours will have The Force Awakens additions (Comic Book)
  • Leia is no longer just a princess! (Entertainment Weekly)
  • Star Wars does Children in Need (NME)
  • Andy Serkis teases us with Snoke details (Slashfilm)
  • Adorable baby sings the Imperial March to herself (Time)

On Clone Corridor we had a couple of interesting posts as well!

Our amazing Fanart of the Week is by Julian Callos this week! I saw this on Tumblr the other day and just couldn’t stop thinking about it so here it is:

This is genuinely one of my favourite pieces of Leia fanart that I’ve ever seen! See Julian’s explanation of it below:

Acrylic and gouache on Rives BFK mounted on wood panel
9″ x 12″

Here’s my piece inspired by Princess Leia for Gallery 1988’s Star Wars: Art Awakens gallery show and charity auction, a collaboration between Gallery 1988, Disney, LucasFilm, and Bad Robot. Pieces in the show will be auctioned off for charity on eBay on Friday, November 13th. If you’re in Los Angeles, you can see the artwork in person on Saturday and Sunday (November 14th and 15th) from 11am–10pm at Gallery 1988 (West). Find out more info here and support a good cause!

Almost everything in this piece is a reference from the original Star Wars trilogy: the symbols of the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, band patches for Max Rebo Band and the Mos Eisley Cantina band, “Rebel scum,” tattoos of Alderaan and Leia’s blaster, modified X-wing pilot gloves, the vest Leia wore on Hoth, her pants from Endor, the chain she used to strangle Jabba, and of course her hair from A New Hope. If you couldn’t tell, I had a lot of fun with this!

Find this ridiculously talented artist on Twitter, Facebook, Inprnt and Instagram! Drop by his store if you want to purchase any of his art!

And as always,


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