Weekly Round-Up

We’re getting so incredibly close to the release of Star Wars: Rebels season 2 and The Force Awakens that a lot of news seems to becoming out that still doesn’t tell us anything! Let’s see what has been happening in Star Wars news though:

  • We’ll get to see everyone strut their stuff down the red carpet on the 14th of December (Sky News)
  • The new Rebels Season 2 trailer kicks ass on multiple levels (Coming Soon)
  • Disney and Lucasfilm are nowhere near stopping with producing more toys (Coming Soon)
  • Rumours about Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s casting for EpVIII have me going crazy with excitement (Collider)
  • John Williams is getting an AFI Lifetime Achievement Award (BBC)
  • NYCC news: there will be a 5-issue miniseries called Obi-Wan & Anakin and I love it already (

There’s loads happening out there! On Clone Corridor we’ve also been on a roll this week!

We’ve decided to incorporate something new into this weekly post, which is sharing our favourite fanart of the week! Inktober has just started which means my whole Tumblr dashboard is full of amazing artwork so I finally caved and picked one from yesterday!

I decided I hadn’t drawn enough ladies this Inktober, so here’s me fixing that with Hera for Day 10!Action poses are the best.

This is by Nikki Lemon and I found this one over on her beautifully named Tumblr, Awkward Octopus. I think we all feel like that sometimes! Definitely check it out since there’s loads more amazing pen art on there!


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