Corridor Chat: Holy Teaser!

Roughly an hour ago the official Star Wars Instagram account posted a five-second teaser trailer and Twitter has only just about calmed down. Whether you enjoy the long and slow tease or are desperate for an “actual” trailer, you can’t deny that that this is exciting. Have a look below and then speculate with us!

There has been an awakening… #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

A video posted by Star Wars (@starwars) on Aug 27, 2015 at 10:00am PDT

So, a couple of things we want to highlight:

  • The First Order still looks absolutely fascinating! As we mentioned before, there is something very menacing about the way they are lined up.
  • Rey looks concerned and now I’m concerned for her. Not only does she look worried, she is also definitely not on Jakku! She and BB-8 are seemingly in a tree-infested area, which suggests that they might be on Endor. Endor would be a logical place for them to end up if there’s a race for Anakin’s
  • Kylo Ren is still looking menacing, even if we have seen this shot before! With all the new information coming out about him he is really turning into a fascinating character.
  • Finn! Now, there seems to be an argument starting online about whether this shot of Finn counts as a spoiler, considering what it suggests. As a heads up: Clone Corridor has the simple guideline that if it comes through official channels, such as the Star Wars Instagram, that it is not a spoiler.  So without further ado: Finn igniting his lightsaber, while seemingly in the same snowy forest as Kylo Ren is incredibly exciting. Drew Struzan’s D23 poster already showed Finn with his lightsaber so it’s not a major surprise but the where and against whom is definitely new and enticing!
  • That soundtrack though! The whole teaser, all 5 glorious seconds of it, is set to a deeper and darker version of the Imperial March, if such a thing is even possible. This could be our first listen to proper new The Force Awakens music!
  • I’m also appreciating the choice of medium through which this teaser was released. It’s great to see the Star Wars marketing team dip into different kinds of social media and try out new platforms.

Did you like the teaser? Are you intrigued by the new shots? And are you appreciating the slow release of footage or would you prefer to have a full-size trailer?

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