Weekly Round-Up

It’s been  a very exciting week for Clone Corridor. We had a couple of posts which seem to be quite popular and interesting, so thanks for everyone who has been reading and commenting, here and on Twitter!

What’s been happening in the news:

  • Star Wars is coming to San Diego Comicon and will rule it (Screen Crush)
  • Sir Christopher Lee, known for his portrayal of Count Dooku and countless of other characters, has passed away (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Star Wars virtual-reality is coming to you (C-Net)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront Deluxe Edition Cover revealed (Coming Soon)
  • An original A New Hope script was found and Han shot first (GBR)
  • Star Wars VIII to shoot on 35mm (Den of Geek)

This week on Clone Corridor:

So, that was this week.

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