My Star Wars Moment #4: Looking Forward to The Force Awakens

Clone Corridor is, above everything else, a blog by and forStar Wars fans. As such, we thought it would be a lot of fun for fans to share some of their favourite Star Warsmoments with each other, whether it was seeing A New Hope for the first time, standing in line for The Phantom Menace or making your first piece of fan-art.

Today we’ve got another great My Star Wars Moment for you, this one from a fan I met on Tumblr: Clonewarsy! This moment is about fandom, about the run up to The Force Awakens and for a new generation claiming Star War for itself!

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When it came to Star Wars, I had always been more of a solitary fan. None of my friends were into it, and though my family was somewhat into the movies, they were never as crazy as I was about the films, the novels, the comics, the entire universe. It was really only when I joined the online community that I knew there were other people of my generation as dedicated as I was to the series.

Speaking of, I was born in a tough spot. Just too young to grow up with the prequels, I could never experience the thrill of seeing a newly released Star Wars movie in theaters.Or, at least, so I thought.

When the announcement came that we were getting another movie- make that another trilogy, words could not explain the excitement I felt. I would finally have the opportunity to grow into adulthood with the cherished movies my father had showed me from his teen years. (And I have to say, so far they look pretty great, especially with the original cast). But the most valuable thing is that with this new trilogy, we get another generation of Star Wars fans. More unknowing teens will be reeled in while seeing an ad or a poster in a popular magazine, or visiting the theater to check out a movie that’s “supposed to be pretty dope”. These films will not just be the “weird seventies movies” our parents showed us, but the box office-crushing thrill rides with all the latest special special effects customized for the modern era. And with our ever growing fanbase, I have no doubt Disney will continue to make Star Wars as popular as ever. Accompanied by the new female The Force Awakens protagonist, I’m sure many girls will hop on the bandwagon. Die hard original fans may gripe about Disney’s changes, but one thing’s for sure.

In this new era, motorized by widespread pop culture and the social media the seventies lacked, Star Wars won’t just be for our geeky uncles, but for everyone. And that is the most powerful thing Disney, or Lucasfilm, or anyone could offer us. A new group of people to carry on the great legacy created by our parents for just a little bit longer. So that announcement, my fellow fans, is my Star Wars fan moment.

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