Clone Corridor Audio & Video Casts

Clone Corridor has plans for the future that include delivering you content on more media than just the written word or pictures. One such additional medium is the audible and this page will be the main go-to page for you to check out the Clone Corridor Audio & Video Casts. that we will publish through our Clone Corridor YouTube channel To start such a page you evidently need an interesting thing to start with, well we do!

UCL’s 2015 Star Wars Classes

We recently announced that UCL is continuing in 2016/2-17 the Star Wars Class it offered last year. Due to technical difficulties it was impossible to make the recorded video widely available beyond UCL. But we can present you with some of the video-recordings of these lectures. So our first entry in the series ‘Sounds like Star Wars’ is the first lecture in the series, with probably 3 more to follow in the coming two weeks.

For those of you who want to see some of the notes check out our UCL Star Wars CLass series.