Rebels Review #2.13: The Protector of Concord Dawn

After our re-introduction to Leia in Episode 2.12 this Episode was going to re-connect us with some Mandalorian lore and a little of Sabine’s backstory. Sabine’s character needed to take centre stage again as it was only her episode with Hera in Season 1 that stood out for her in terms of character moments. Well, this Episode surely did that!

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It’s time to say ‘Goodbye Prequel Era’

When I left the cinema on that May evening in 1983 after seeing Return of the Jedi for the 3rd time it somehow seemed clear: the Era of Star Wars was over. A tragic melancholy filled my mood as I didn’t want it to happen. When I entered the cinema on that May evening in 1999 to see The Phantom Menace I was happy I had said my  ‘goodbyes’ 16 years earlier … even when it had just been a ‘Goodbye Original Trilogy’ in the end.

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